JACK A6F Lockstich

Specialist automatic lockstitch machine with double transport and increased work area. The distance between the body and the needle bar is 30 cm. The double transport supports the movement of materials under the foot. The machine is equipped with an energy-saving servo motor built into the head, which guarantees quiet and reliable operation and less electricity consumption. Closed lubrication system (no typical oil sump) guarantees lower oil consumption, better lubrication of machine mechanisms and protects the material against dirt.
The machine also has an integrated field with LED lights and a built-in USB socket that allows you to connect external devices (eg charging a mobile phone).

Automatic functions: 

  • auto thread trimming
  • needle positioning
  • auto bartacking option
  • auto presser foot lifter

Technical parameters: 

  • sewing speed: up to 4000 stitches / min
  • stitch length: up to 4,5 mmm
  • presser foot lift: 5-13 mm
  • LED light
  • USB port for ripping data from the machine and connecting external devices
ModelNeedlesNumber of threadsStitch length (mm)Presser foot lift (mm)Sewing speed: stitches / min
A6FDBX1 11-18#24,55-134000

jack A6F lockstich


The needle bar is made of a special carbon alloy (with increased flexibility and resistance to abrasion), does not need lubrication.

jack A6F lockstich

Closed Lubrication System

The machine does not have a typical oil sump. A small amount of oil is in a closed container to prevent it from getting dirty. This solution guarantees lower oil consumption and better lubrication of machine mechanisms.

jack A6F lockstich

Large Space

The operation space can reach as large as 300MM, which makes fabric feed more smoothly, applicable fordown jacket, shirts and suits.

jack A6F lockstich

Easy to Use

The machine is equipped with an intuitive and easy-to-use operating panel.