JACK Automatic Machine JK-T1310

Electronically controlled machine for sewing the programmed pattern in the available sewing area 130 x 100 mm.

The machine is used for multiple sewing a repeatable pattern, such as sewing on labels, fastenings or decorative stitching. Equipped with a servo motor built into the machine head (direct drive system) and step motors – servo motor and a new solution of the transport mechanism, increase the quality of sewn patterns, smoother machine work, high accuracy and shorten the start and finish time of the sewing process. JACK automatic machine JK-T3020 is applicable to various materials and operations, is easy to use and applied solutions couse as special skills are not require from the operator.

All sewing parameters can be programmed on a clear, touch-screen operation panel.

Technical parameters:

  • sewing speed: up to 2700 rpm
  • presser foot lift : up to 22 mm
ModelNeedlesNumber of needlesNumber of threadsSewing area (mm)Presser foot lift (mm)Sewing speed: stitches / min
JK-T1310DPx17 14-25#12130 x 100222700

JACK Automatic Machine JK-T3020

Wide Range Of Applications

Up to 999 patterns can be downloaded by the USB port. And the machine can be use to sew elements from leather, jeans, etc.

JACK Automatic Machine JK-T3020

Simple To Use

Readable and clear sewing patterns and detailed parameters make the operation setting very easy.

JACK Automatic Machine JK-T3020

Easy Template Change

System of cylindrical sockets ensure quick and precise change of sewing patterns.

JACK Automatic Machine JK-T3020

Heavy Duty Sewing

The high-power drive allows to sew even very thick materials.