JACK W4 Interlock

A series of modern, 3-needle interlock machines with a flat bed, equipped with an energy-saving motor mounted in the head (Direct Drive system), which guarantees quiet and reliable operation and lower power consumption. Machines designed to roll up the pits in blouses and other knitwear, stitching (need a bind), stitching overlock stitching, decorative stitching and many other operations.  The bottom differential transport ensures a high quality stitch, even with very inconvenient Lycra materials. The machine is equpped in LED lighting (with the possibility of 3-level adjustment of light intensity).

Available subclasses:

  • JACK W4-D-01GB –  interlock machine (standard) without automatic functions
  • JACK W4-D-02BB – interlock machine in subslass for tape-binding
  • JACK W4-UT-01GB – interlock machine with automatic functions

Technical parameters:

  • sewing speed up to 5500 stitches / min
  • presser foot lift up to 7 mm
  • standard needle gauges: 5.6 mm or 6.4 mm (optionally – option of another gauges)
ModelNeedlesNumber of needlesNumber of threadsNeedle gauge (mm)Stitch width (mm)Differential transportPresser foot lift (mm)Sewing speed:
stitches / min
W4-D-01GB11#/14#351.5 - 4.55.6/6.40.65 - 1.375500
W4-D-02BB11#/14#351.5 - 4.55.6/6.40.65 - 1.375500
W4-UT-01GB11#/14#351.5 - 4.55.6/6.40.65 - 1.375500

The possibility of high lifting the presser foot

In new Jack’s Interlocks maximum presser foot lift is 7 mm

For Heavy and Light Sewing

High quality stitch when changing the thickness of the material.

Built-in control panel

In the new line of Interlocks, the control panel was built into the head to improve the comfort of use. In addition, the version with automatic functions is equipped with a voice notification mode.