JACK Lockstitch JK-58 ***

A series of modern 2-needle lockstitch machines with double transport (tooth-needle). Available in standard version and fully automatic, with or without turn on/off needles. Depending on the subclass and the type of materials to be sewn, available with standard or enlarged hooks.
Closed lubrication system (no typical oil sump) – a small amount of oil is in a closed container. This solution guarantees less oil consumption, better lubrication of machine mechanisms and prevents staining of material during sewing.
The standard also includes LED backlight with the possibility of 3-step adjustment. Machines with automatic functions are distinguished by an energy-saving servo motor (Direct Drive) with a readable operating panel built into the head.

Technical parameters:

  • sewing speed: 3000 rpm
  • presser foot lift: 7-13 mm
  • needle gauge: 6.4 mm (standard)
  • needle system: DPx5
ModelNeedlesStitch length (mm)Presser foot lift (mm)Sewing speed: stitches / minOrganized split needle barLarge hook
JK-58420-003DPX5 11-16#47-134000
JK-58420-005DPX5 14-22#57-133000
JK-58450-003DPX5 11-16#57-133000Yes
JK-58450-005DPX5 14-22#57-133000Yes
JK-58720-003DPX5 11-16#77-133000Yes
JK-58720-005DPX5 14-22#77-133000Yes
JK-58750-003DPX5 11-16#77-133000YesYes
JK-58450-005DPX5 14-22#77-133000YesYes
JK-58420J-403DPX5 11-16#47-134000
JK-58420J-405DPX5 14-22#57-133000
JK-58450J-403DPX5 11-16#57-133000Yes
JK-58450J-405DPX5 14-22#57-133000Yes
JK-58720J-403DPX5 11-16#77-133000Yes
JK-58720J-405DPX5 14-22#77-133000Yes
JK-58450J-403DPX5 11-16#77-133000YesYes
JK-58750J-405DPX5 14-22#77-133000YesYes